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We are a news and general entertainment radio station with a unique mix of content centered around cultural exploration. We are driven by the the desire for a culturally responsive programming that speaks to the nuanced interests and needs of the South Western community.

Within its short time of coming on board, Oodua 90.9 FM has already become a force to reckon with. This does not come as any surprise: we have a crop of professionals who continuously aim for the best.


Our primary area of coverage is Ile-Ile and its environ, including Ilesa, Ede and Osogbo. Our clear signals are also picked in parts of Ondo, Oyo, Ekiti, Kwara and Delta states. We are also available for live audio and video streaming on www.oodua909fm.com.


PRIMARY:This bracket accommodates the youth and the students acquiring tertiary education who are in search of the best of edutainment programming, as well as the educated males and females with keen interest in politics/governance and their immediate socio ¨C cultural environment.

SECONDARY:This bracket takes care of the illiterates and semi literates who can easily be described as the locals with a deep sense of culture and tradition in the rural, semi urban and urban areas in our coverage areas:


Sunday Olaniran: Sunday is fast becoming an exponent owing to his unique presentation skills. He is fondly called ‘Mr Sabo-Lagere’ by his fans. His daily Yoruba sports presentation ” BO SE N LO LAGBO ERE IDARAYA” is already adjudged the best Yoruba sports presentation in the south west.


Oodua 90.9 FM’s programming and wide reach makes it a veritable platform for advertisers messages to be delivered to a targeted and captive audience. Our online and social media accessibility provides the platform to market to local, national and international audiences.
There are no fewer than twenty tertiary institutions scattered over our coverage areas, with hundreds of thousands of students. Advertisers can take opportunity of our youth and students based programmes to reach out to them. And all these at a cost that is much affordable than most of our competitors.Oodua 90.9fm is not just a community radio station; it’s the IDEAL community radio station.

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